Tutorials are on TUESDAY mornings from 7:15-8:15 AM in room 609.       

Miss Stewart's
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Welcome to Science!

"All the world is waiting for you...
And the powers you possess!"
         (Wonder Woman theme)

**scroll down for calendar

No, this is not a class to train terrorists or to appeal to your child's "darker side"--this is a class geared toward bringing out the best in your child while encouraging and fostering a desire to know more than the basics.

I will expect a lot from your child, and I hope that you will be involved in your child's school year by helping study, volunteering for class activities, checking homework, and checking the planners on a regular basis.

This is a quest for lifelong learning, so get ready for an adventure!


I am originally from Meridian, Mississippi, and I taught 7th, 8th,
and 9th grade science there for 10 years.

I moved to Texas in 2003 and began teaching at Moorhead.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi -- B.S. in Secondary Education and Zoology.
I also have a Master's degree (M.Ed.) in Secondary Education/Marine & Environmental Biology from the University of West Alabama.
In 2005 I earned National Board Certification in Early Adolescent Science.

This is my 23rd year of teaching science!

My home is full of animals--I have chickens, dogs, cats, and fish--so I understand that sometimes home can be a noisy place to be!

Tutorials will be offered for students who need extra help--all of the 7th grade science teachers will provide tutorials.

My tutorials time will be on TUESDAY
MORNINGS from 7:15-8:15 am. Students will be picked up IN THE CAFETERIA.

If your child needs to stay, he/she can stay with any of the science teachers--they all offer tutorials (some are in the morning; others are in the afternoons).

My hope is to help unlock the "superhero" in your child!


To access my classroom calendar, click on the SCIENCE CALENDAR link in the upper left-hand corner of this page.

This nine weeks, we will be covering the following topics:

Latin vocabulary--many of the science terms we use have roots/stems from Latin and Greek--these will help your child better understand the science vocabulary...sets of 10 terms will be assigned, and quizzes will be periodically given throughout the year.

Lab Safety (test 3 Sep 2015)
**this will cover lab safety and lab equipment

**students must score at least 90 on this test...if 90 is not achieved, the test must be retaken until the necessary score is attained.

Measurement & Equipment
Scientific Method
Graphing   (test 18 Sep 2015)
*this test will involve using metric measurement, interpreting data from graphs and tables, and identifying/applying the steps of the scientific method

Force & Motion  (test 1 Oct 2015)
*this test will cover calculating work done, energy transformations, graphing motion and speed, and application of simple machines

Catastrophic Event
Water & Human Impacts  (test Oct 22 2015)
*this test will cover changes in earth's surface due to external factors, catastrophic events and their impacts, ecological succession, groundwater and surface water, and human impacts on water supplies

Earth & Space   

**test dates subject to minor changes

Biomes, Ecosystems, and Biodiversity
Test--10 November 2015

Photosynthesis, Food Webs & Chains, Organic Compounds, and Energy Pyramids
Test-- 3 December 2015

9 December 2015
**This score can be swapped for a lower unit CONTENT test score if the benchmark score is higher.

NOTEBOOK CHECK-- 9 December 15
**This is worth a major test grade, so a good notebook can definitely help you out!!

Cells & Cell Theory
Test: 21 January 2016
**this test will cover the cell theory, cell organelles, and cell processes
**all assignments for this unit are due BEFORE the end of the unit

Tropisms and Behaviors, Dichotomous Keys, Specialty Tissues in Plants
Test: 4 February 2016                          **this test will cover how cells and organisms react to stimuli, how organisms are identified and classified, and how xylem and phloem help plants



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